Randi Stub Petersen

Sixty-six years old, volunteer in open air administrative activities and politics, tetraplegic

What do you use TubusOne™ for?

I am involved in many different activities and boards. Because of that, it is highly important that I can read and answer e-mails even when I am in bed or hospitalized where I do not have access to my computer. 

TubusOne™ is the only device doing that. It is definitely a device I would recommend to anyone without hand function.

Have you tried similar instruments, software, or communication devices?

I have a piece of metal on my glasses that reflects light and activates the computer screen. I also have chin control of my smartphone and soon I will use tongue control of both smartphone and computer.

How would you explain how TubusOne™ works?

It is a fast method to activate a touch-screen that does not burden me in any way. Every department of spinal cord injuries should immediately offer TubusOne™ to anyone who cannot use their arms as the freedom you gain with TubusOne™ is crucial.

"It works impeccably and it works fast. You can use it whether you are in your chair, home in bed, or a hospital bed."

- Randi

Tubus Technology that develops TubusOne™ uses a business model that embraces your and other users’ experiences and feedback. How has that been?

It has been very positive and stimulating to be part of the process of developing TubusOne™. Once, I received a new iPad with a slightly different screen and then the team behind TubusOne™ changed the device so that it could fit the new screen.

What are the benefits and advantages of TubusOne™?

It works impeccably and it works fast. You can use it whether you are in your chair, home in bed, or a hospital bed.

Is there something you would like to share with those who consider buying a TubusOne™?

It might be good to think about the situations in which you need a communication device. You cannot use TubusOne™ when you are in a car as the bumps in the road make it difficult to activate the touch screen. You should also consider whether you need a device for meetings. I do not use TubusOne™ for meetings because I think that having the device in my mouth creates a distance to the people I am interacting with.

Get your own TubusOne™ 

TubusOne™ + 30 mouthpieces

This package includes:

1 TubusOne™ (extra tip and 30 mouthpieces included)

1 TubusClip

1 Cleaning rod

TubusOne™ has a touch function developed for use on touchscreens and is made from carbon fiber and high-grade aluminum. 

A TubusClip is designed to put on your device as a stand for TubusOne™, while not using the product, and is included in the package.