TubusOne™ product collection

Types of use for TubusOne™ Mouth stick 

The TubusOne™ mouth stick can be used for several different tasks:

  • Typing aid
  • Online page-turner
  • Social engagement online
  • Playing games
  • Work tasks
  • Writing and sending emails

And several other things. It is your needs and imagination that may dictate the use of TubusOne™ 

TubusOne™ is a lightweight mouthstick and can be used for many hours a day. With this, it is possible to achieve a good level of autonomy for performing different tasks that, without the mouth stick, would seem to be out of reach for a person with quadriplegia.


TubusOne™assistive device comes with different accessories that will need an ongoing replacement for optimal hygiene and use. Where the mouthpiece requires daily replacement for optimal hygiene, the tip will last for longer periods depending on the usage. 

Subscription packages

TubusOne™ subscription packages are an easy way to secure your needed accessories whenever you need them. Ease the hassle of reminders and ongoing visits to repurchase and sign up for a subscription. 

Benefits of a subscription model: 

  • Avoid running out of TubusTip and/or TubusOne ™ mouthpieces
  • No need to reorder every month 
  • Simple subscription model that can be canceled any time