About Tubus Technology 

The company behind TubusOne™

Tubus Technology started as an innovative start-up business in Denmark and came up with the idea of a new medical device. The device solved an unmet need that people with physical limitations in arms and hands were facing which made it hard to act independently and continue everyday life after traumas or illness. 

Tubus Technology is now an international company based in Copenhagen that enforces self-empowerment and independence by developing products that are designed to make a difference for people with physical limitations in upper limbs. We work with the entire process from idea generation to product development and market validation. This allows us to adapt the supply chain to our values and improve it as we go. 

TubusOne™ is classified as a class 1 medical device and holds a CE-mark. It is a mechanical communication device for people with physical limitations in upper limbs and works by sipping and puffing into a tube. The Tube contains a piston function that works like a finger on touchscreen devices when it is activated by a puff from the mouth.


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The story behind TubusOne™

The story about Tubus Technology began in 2013, where eight students from Aalborg in Denmark met Christian for the first time. Christian was 36 years old back then, and just like everyone else, besides the fact that he was paralyzed from the neck down. After his paralyzation, all he ever wanted, was to be able to communicate with his girlfriend, friends, and family, without the need for assistance from anyone else. He wanted to be independent. 

The day after meeting Christian, the team behind TubusOne™ had developed the very first prototype edition of a TubusOne™. The prototype was shown to Christian for his feedback, and to see whether the product could meet his unmet need and let him live more independently in all aspects of life, where being able to communicate without any involvement of a helper was needed. 


The product met Christian's needs and after two years, 10 prototypes, and several hours in the thinking cap, the finished TubusOne™ product was ready to be released to the market. TubusOne™ was no longer "just" a university project, TubusOne™ had grown into an innovative communication device, accessible for people around the world to attain. 

What makes TubusOne™ stand out is the mechanism in the product that makes the piston act as a finger touching a touchscreen. Gaining the opportunity to navigate quickly, without any complications and on your terms is a way of regaining your independence and freedom. The users who have purchased TubusOne™ throughout time have helped us lead the way through the development of the product, and TubusOne™ would not have been what it is today without good craftsmanship and extraordinary customers. 

Today the TubusOne™ communication device enables people around the world to regain their independence.   

Meet the team

Tubus Ceo Lizanne Svane

Lizanne Svane

Founder & CEO


Tubus Employee Siska

Siska Priis Jørgensen

International Market Manager


Tubus consultant Julie Lovin

Julie Lovin

Marketing Strategist Consultant



Engineer & Design


Nikoline Visholm

Graphic Designer


Marika Hermansen

Project Management

Daniel Richter

Digital Sales and Marketing Strategist