TubusOne™ Accessories

TubusOne™ is made from different components where some accessories are replaceable for optimal hygiene and use. These can be purchased separately either as a one-time purchase or on a subscription basis for your convenience.

This package contains 5 TubusOne Tips.

For optimal user experience, the tip is replaceable and can be replaced whenever needed. The tip is made from silver woven fabric to be conductive on the tablet.

It is recommended to change the tip if TubusOne is used more than 8 hours a day for a period of a month. 

NOTE: Change the tip when it is worn out for optimal use and protection of the touchscreen. Always store the tip carefully in the sealed packaging. Handle the product with hygienic care.


The package includes 30 mouthpieces.

We recommend that you replace the mouthpiece every day for maintaining a hygienic level.

For a higher level of hygiene and a more pleasant experience for you, the mouthpiece has been designed in a one-piece solid medical-grade material with a smooth surface. 

NOTE: Always handle the mouthpiece with hygienic care when mounting it to the tube – avoid touching the mouthpiece with your hands. Always store mouthpieces carefully in the sealed packaging. Do not share the mouthpieces.


Make life a little easier

Avoid running out of accessories and sign up for one or two of our subscription models.