TubusOne™ Reseller

Creating a world in which everyone has equal opportunities 

Become a TubusOne™ reseller

At Tubus Technology we want to make life easier for our customers. 

Join our mission through our reseller program. By offering Assistive Technology as TubusOne™, you are not only a part of a growing industry but also changing the lives of many around the world.

TubusOne™ is an innovative and cost-effective solution that is small in size and can be mobile when attached to a wheelchair. 

Contact us if you’re interested in selling a first-class assistive device, designed to make life easier for the end-user. 

Trial centers and Business partners benefits

Trial centers and business partners experience several advantages of the TubusOne™ reseller program. To mention a few,  

✔️ We make joint marketing campaigns with our resellers to create awareness of the collaboration and how to purchase TubusOne™.  

✔️ We focus our marketing activities and branding campaigns alongside participating in exhibitions together or we simply use digital platforms to communicate our business partnership. 

✔️ Provide a broader range of assistive technology for your customers

✔️ Enable people with physical disabilities, to navigate and communicate on tablets and smartphones.

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