Kirsten Langebæk

Occupational Therapist and Clinical Supervisor in occupational therapy, Department of Spinal Cord Injuries

What do you use TubusOne™ for?

I use it for our tetraplegic patients who have reduced function in arms and hands.

How would you describe TubusOne™?

It is an impeccable device for changing living conditions. 

People who do not work within the field of handicap often use the phrase: “being tied to one’s wheelchair” and this is wrong: A wheelchair is a freedom to move wherever you want to go, it is independence! 

With TubusOne™ it is the same thing: From having to ask people for help to check your e-mails and other personal affairs, TubusOne™ gives you the freedom to do it yourself.

Have you tried similar instruments, software, or communication devices?

Control of the nape of the neck, chin control, eye control, head control, and many more. TubusOne™ is easy to use. The price is also more than fair.

"One of the biggest wishes of our patients, 

is to be able to use smartphone and tablet to get in touch with the outside world. 

Thanks to TubusOne™ they can do exactly that and even from the very moment they use it for the first time."

- Kirsten Langebæk

Has TubusOne™ changed something in your patients’ social or private life?

One of the biggest wishes of our patients is to be able to use smartphones and tablets to get in touch with the outside world. Thanks to TubusOne™ they can do exactly that and even from the very moment they use it for the first time. That is unique and one of the reasons why TubusOne™ is one of the best helping devices in that genre we have had in my time as a clinician.

Some might think that your patients have worse things to worry about than having privacy on smartphones and tablets. How come ”freedom” on the internet is so important to them?

Rehabilitation is about being able to do as many things as possible on your own. If you can manage your own business on the internet, you have come an extremely long way. When my patients have made a phone call, it used to be their relatives or nurses who held the phone. The fact that TubusOne™ makes them able to make a phone call by themselves is a return to how things were before their living condition changed. I remember a time where a patient had not yet ordered his TubusOne™ and I had to take back the one we lent him. It made him furious because of the frustration he felt when he suddenly lost the freedom that comes with TubusOne™.

Tubus Technology that develops TubusOne™ uses a business model that embraces your and other users’ experiences and feedback. How has that been?

One of the partners in TubusOne™, Lizanne, visited our department and demonstrated the product and answered all of our questions. It is my impression that she and her partner are highly dedicated to what they do and that they are anxious to ensure that their product has the highest standard. I think that their motivation is the opinion that everyone is entitled to benefit from the many possibilities of communicating and exchanging knowledge through touchscreens.

Is there something you would like to share with those who consider buying a TubusOne™?

People with severe brain damages can probably not gain the full experience of TubusOne™ because it requires a certain brain function. Apart from that, the most important thing is that everyone gets to know about TubusOne™. I am positive that thousands of people around the world will experience great benefits from this device and for some, TubusOne™ will even make the difference in whether they can keep their job or not.

Is there something particularly surprising about TubusOne™?

I am indeed surprised how easy it is to use and that even children can use it. Recently there was a little girl at our rehabilitation center and she used TubusOne™ with great pleasure, I must say.

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