Tubusone™ product description 

Designed to make life easier

TubusOne™ is an assistive device made to help people with physical disabilities, to navigate and communicate on tablets and smartphones. Designed with the purpose of making life easier for our users. 

The innovative TubusOne™ medical device enables people to communicate independently and without any assistance from a helper, relatives, or friends. 

TubusOne™ is a first-in-class medical device when it comes to a mouth stick with a puffing mechanism, that makes it possible to use the mouth stick without moving the head back and forth all the time. 

Sip and puff require low to no effort, and even normal or low lung capacity patients will experience no exhaustion using the sip and puff method. 

The sip and puff or puffing method are very effective since it requires minimal effort and it is super easy to use in daily tasks.  

TubusOne™ mouthstick placed in TubusClip on an Ipad

How does Tubusone™ work? 

TubusOne™ works by giving a light puff of air through the straw and a piston is activated. The piston releases a touch function made of silver woven fabric. 

The function is similar to a finger touching a screen. TubusOne™ allows you to tap and swipe on your touchscreen and gives the opportunity of performing actions with just a little puff of air.

A medical device should be as intuitive as possible to get the easiest use of it. TubusOne™ is designed with usability in mind and is simple and ready to use right away. The TubusOne™ have a modern and elegant design and weigh no more than 11 gram. The result is that it does not require any physical strength or muscle contraction besides generating recompression in the mouth. Furthermore, the light tube also makes it possible to speak while using TubusOne™.  

Customers experience with TubusOne™

Our users experience that:
TubusOne™is easy to use for all digital activities 
TubusOne™quickly increase their independence 
TubusOne™increase their overall life quality 

Staff and clinics experience that:

- It takes minimal effort to get started patients started with TubusOne™
TubusOne™releases resources for staff as they no longer have to help patients with digital tasks

Get your own TubusOne™ 

TubusOne™ components

The Mouthpiece 

Mouthpiece for TubusOne™

A solid medical grade nylon with a smooth surface has been developed in order for obtain better hygiene and a more pleasant positioning in the mouth. 

The Tip

Tip for TubusOne™

The tip provides a touch function and is made from silver woven fibers and work like a finger touching the screen. Allowing you to tap and swipe across touchscreen devices. 

The Tube

Tube for TubusOne™

The tube is made from carbon fiber and high-grade aluminum with the aim of minimizing your efforts while using the product. Quality lightweight materials are important for a maximum user experience. 

The TubusClip

TubusClip for TubusOne™

TubusClip is made in a one-piece solid material with a smooth surface. TubusClip is designed to work as a stand for TubusOne™, while not using the product, and is easily attached to any smart device.