Dennis Christensen

Forty-five years old, former Master (home trade), primary progressive MS

What do you use TubusOne™ for?

I have a background as a master (home trade) and my social life stopped when I could no longer manage my job at sea. 

With TubusOne™ I have gained a social life on the Internet and that is simply awesome! I joined a forum for people on my street where we chat about bulky waste, get-togethers and everything in between. 

I also send birthday greetings, keep myself updated on the local soccer team and I spend lots of time reading debates on the Danish MS Society’s website. TubusOne™ is a brilliant way of gaining a private life on the internet when you cannot use your fingers.

Tubus Technology ApS that develops Tubus- One uses a business model that embraces your and other users’ experiences and feedback. How has that been?

I definitely feel that Asbjørn, who develops TubusOne™, listens to my experiences and uses these for improvements. He and Lizanne, who is in charge of the day-to-day operation are extremely dedicated to helping us and I wish them all the best.

How would you explain how TubusOne™ works?

When someone asks, I say that it is a bit like when children make bubbles in their lemonade with a straw. You use your cheeks so you do not need strong and super healthy lungs.

Is there something you would like to share with those who consider buying a TubusOne™?

Hurry up and get one! It opens a door to a brand-new world! Though it is impossible to imagine just how much such a small plastic tube improves your quality of life until you try it, It is the best investment I have done for a very, very long time. Another fantastic thing is that it costs less than most other devices. Especially the ones that actually work.

Have you experienced any challenges using TubusOne™?

It took me a few attempts to learn how to place TubusOne™ in the clip that carries it when you do not use it. Recently I got a new wheelchair, which I can control with the chin, and for a while I had to stop using TubusOne™. It was really only a short period of time until I learned how to manage the new chair. But it felt like ages because I had become so dependent on the freedom that TubusOne™ gives.

Get your own TubusOne™ 

TubusOne + 30 mouthpieces

TubusOne + 30 mouthpieces TubusOne has been developed in order to meet your requirements for hygiene, accessibility, and lightweight to minimize effort. TubusOne has a touch function developed for use on touchscreens and is made from carbon fiber and high-grade...