Cleaning TubusOne™

Regular cleaning of your TubusOne™ and its parts is important for the optimal use of your device. 

The cleaning tips you are about to read will keep your TubusOne™ clean and ready for use every time. 

With the exception of the tip, all components in the TubusOne™ can be washed in water and soap. 

Before cleaning it is necessary to disassemble the TubusOne™. The internal and external surfaces can be cleaned by the following procedure: 

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3 easy steps to clean you TubusOne™


TubusOne is easy to disassemble.

Turn the aluminum tube from the piston counterclockwise. 

Remove the tip and pull the thin black stick out of the piston. 

You now have three loose parts. 


Insert cleaning rod into aluminum tube and move back and forth. 

1. Wash aluminum tube in water and soap. 

2. Wash the round part in water and soap.

3. Always rinse in clean water after washing, to make sure no soap rests are left in any of the components.


Be sure that all the components are dry before assembly 

Insert the thin stick into the piston from the end with the thread. The tip should be attached to the thin stick. Push the tip all the way down. Press to ensure it is mounted correctly. Turn the aluminium tube onto the piston and attach the mouthpiece to the aluminium tube. Both holes must face down

Always check before use 

  • Check that the round end doesn't exceed the hole in the mouthpiece when the tube is held vertically. If it's visible the tip has to be pressed down to the stick. 
  • Check that the mouthpiece is mounted correctly on the aluminium tube with both holes facing downwards 
  • Check that the top has been pressed correctly down on the thin stick
  • In case the TubusOne™ does not work, try to replace the tip of the mouthpiece or clean the product and try again.

TubusOne™ mouthpiece Recommendations

It is recommended to replace the mouthpiece every day or whenever one of the following things occur:

The mouthpiece is dropped on the floor

The mouthpiece is used by another person

The mouthpiece is in contact with animals

The mouthpiece is in contact with contaminated areas or areas at risk of being contaminated


Cleaning the tube regularly

Replace the tip when worn out for optimal use 

Handle TubusOne™ products with hygienic responsibility


Store you're TubusOne™ in a dry place. Extra parts, including mouthpieces and tips, should be stored in the included sealed packaging.

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