Jeppe Bülow-Lehnsby

Multiple sclerosis, full story coming soon

"Flipping the rather large pages of my favorite newspaper is becoming increasingly difficult. 

Currently, I am still able to read it in the morning, while having my first coffee. But later in the day it is too difficult for me to actually hold the paper with my hands, which means that I have to continue reading it on my tablet. I have to add that the build-in voice control function my online newspaper provider offers could work perfectly for flipping through the online pages – however, it always "freezes" after a couple of pages and unfortunately, the online newspaper provider is not able to fix this problem. 

But fortunately, my TubusOne™ has been able to fix this challenge for me: With this, I can easily swipe or click to enlarge or scroll forward and backward etc.; it’s like using my arms and hands! Try it yourself and I am pretty sure that you will be amazed!" 

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TubusOne + 30 mouthpieces

TubusOne + 30 mouthpieces TubusOne has been developed in order to meet your requirements for hygiene, accessibility, and lightweight to minimize effort. TubusOne has a touch function developed for use on touchscreens and is made from carbon fiber and high-grade...