Technical Specifications

TubusOne™ assembly and production 

The TubusOne™ product is designed by a danish industrial engineer and the manufacturing and production of mouthpieces as well as the assembly of TubusOne™ is done by a danish partner in Denmark.  

When producing and assembling the mouthpieces, it is insured that this process happens in a correct environment. The mouthpieces are produced in an ISO 13485 certified environment and the assembly of the mouthpieces in separate small bags are likewise completed with all necessary regulatory taken into consideration by our danish partner. 

The TubusOne™ is designed with industrial simplicity in mind – creating a clean and light sphere for the user to handle the product easily and with no stigma related to the immobility while using the product. 


Full size: 33 cm 

Weight: 11 gram 

Colours: black/Silver


The tubes: carbon fiber and high grade aluminum. 

The mouthpiece: one-piece solid medical grade. 

The tip is made from silver woven fibres. 

When design and functionality makes a difference 

All users of the TubusOne™ we have been in dialogue with explains how TubusOne™ creates a link between the need of independence and self-empowerment and the wish of using a product that does not stigmatize as immobile to the world around us. This correlation makes a big difference for the TubusOne™ users thus design and functionality are crucial and therefore also a part of the Tubus Technology company purpose and vison. 

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